Ways to Support New York’s Dairy Industry 

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  New York State Agriculture Commissioner Richard A. Ball highlighted several actions the Department has taken in support of New York State’s dairy industry throughout Dairy Month, which was celebrated in June. 

Governor Andrew Cuomo’s Nourish New York initiative continues to grow. Through this initiative, $1.8 million dollars has been spent on over 5,000,000 million pounds of surplus milk – both fluid milk and milk used for finished products, such as yogurt, cheese, and cottage cheese. 

This has been redirected to more than 100,000 New York households, both helping families in need and dairy farmers who have been impacted by market changes as a result of COVID-19. Food banks that have received funding through Nourish New York have purchased milk from processors including HP Hood, Chobani, Upstate Niagara and Upstate Farms, Battenkill Valley Creamery, Bethel Creamery, and Kriemhild Dairy, among many other dairy manufacturers.  

  Additionally, Taste NY Markets and Welcome Centers across New York have featured local dairy producers in their regions throughout the month of June and continue to offer different specials on dairy products to encourage consumers to support their local dairies. New Yorkers can also shop online at www.ShopTasteNY.com for sundae toppings and other items to pair with their New York State dairy products.

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June was Dairy Month.









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