Disheartened by the Negativity About House on High St. 

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  I am writing in response to a letter to the editor regarding 37 High Street. 37 High St. in the Village of Warwick is the House That Built Me and My Sisters.  My parents Joe and Nancy Kosior made a home in the small house for over 50 years.  I am surprised at the interest that arose regarding this property when my sister and I had no choice but to place our family home up for sale to pay for the care of our mother.  We would have loved to keep our family property but had no other option and were left with no choice.

   The few who consider themselves the saviors of High St. had every opportunity to purchase this property.  My parents’ home was surrounded by three other small homes that have been demolished and replaced.  The home next to my mom’s was removed and is now a parking lot.  The home across the street was demolished and the Medical Bldg. was built.  Progress is unstoppable.

   Mr. De Marino has stated that my father, Joe Kosior, was a former Fire Chief.  His facts are incorrect, and I do not appreciate him using my family to push his agenda.  My father was a proud member of the Warwick Fire Dept for 50 years but did not serve as a Chief.  He was Captain of the Fire Police.  My mother loved Warwick and was a big supporter of Warwick Little League. She was an important role model in the lives of many children.  They were amazing parents and grandparents.  They were what we call Old Warwick. 

  As a fifth generation Warwickian now raising the sixth generation in Warwick I am disheartened by my hometown and the negativity surrounding what others think best for the community. My parents welcomed every neighbor, including Mr. De Marino, and every change that occurred.

   The new homeowners met all the requirements necessary to move forward with their new home. Myself and my sister are more than happy they chose our property and our Village to raise their growing family. I welcome them and their family to my hometown where I grew up and I know my parents would have done the same.         



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Nancy & Joe Kosior


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