Village Bd. to Shred Documents 

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The Village of Warwick will shred 37 boxes of files from the Clerk’s office as well as 14 from the Justice Court that have reached or are beyond their retention date. The files will be shredded on Sat., Aug. 15 during the Warwick Lions Club Shredfest event at a cost of five dollars per box. A record of the documents to be shred is on file in the Clerk’s office. 

Tax Assessor Retires

Village Tax Assessor Richard Hubner will retire at the end of August after over 40 years of service. Mayor Michael Newhard commended Hubner and said a letter will go out on behalf of the entire Board thanking him for his service.

“Rick has done an excellent job for our community and our Village and he will be sorely missed,” said Mayor Newhard.

Hubner’s retirement provides an opportunity for the Town and three Villages (Warwick, Florida and Greenwood Lake) to reevaluate how their tax assessments will be handled in the future. Newhard plans to meet with the two other Village Mayors as well as Town Supervisor Michael Sweeton to discuss the situation. Hubner has provided information outlining the options. 

Trustee Barry Cheney, who also serves as an Orange County Legislator, approached the County about possibly taking on the role of assessor for the Villages and Town. According to Newhard, this will not be a viable option at this time and another solution is needed. 

Full-Time DPW Laborers Needed

The Village of Warwick will be advertising for two full-time laborers for the Department of Public Works (DPW). DPW Supervisor Michael Moser has made the request in order to fill two recent vacancies created by the retirement of one worker and the departure of another. The positions pay $17.50 per hour in accordance with the Collective Bargaining Agreement. 

Mayor Newhard stated that is necessary to fill these vacancies as the DPW “has a lot of their plate” this summer. 

Paving Projects

Mayor Newhard also asked for patience on the part of residents with regards to ongoing paving projects, knowing that many are awaiting the time that their streets will be repaved. 

Newhard said that the DPW is working on a schedule in an effort to get as much done as they can despite restrictions in place due to the pandemic and financial issues that have arisen from the drop in sales tax revenue. Additionally, the asphalt plants are not all running at full capacity or even open at all. He asked for patience as the DPW continues its work. 

“It’s been very difficult but I think we will accomplish a great deal in the next month and a half…Our men are working very hard and they have a tremendous workload on a daily basis and these projects are part of our budget and will get done, it will just take a little bit longer,” Newhard said.

Next Meeting

The next Village Board meeting will take place on Mon., Aug. 17 at 7:30 p.m. at Village Hall, located at 77 Main St., and will be held through Zoom videoconference and may be viewed live by the public on the Village’s Facebook page

Photo by Katie Bisaro


The Village of Warwick Board of Trustees hold what is likely their last meeting via the Zoom online meeting platform & will resume meetings in person at Warwick Town Hall on Mon., Aug. 17. Pictured (top row, from left) are: Village Clerk Raina Abramson, & Trustees Berry Cheney & Bill Lindberg; (bottom row, from left) Mayor Michael Newhard, & Trustees Eileen Patterson & George McManus. 

Photo by Katie Bisaro

Even while holding meetings online via Zoom, the Village Board of Trustees begin each meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance with a flag held by Mayor Michael Newhard. 

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