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Kitar Will Forego Lifetime Benefits to Alleviate Financial Burden on Taxpayers

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  As you know, the Village general election will take place in less than two weeks. On Tues., Sept. 15, Village residents will decide the direction our community takes. 

  Do we continue to engage in wasteful spending, funding lifetime benefits for a part-time trustee position, spending municipal funds to finance someone’s pet projects while raising taxes that are already outrageously high?

  Or, do we put our efforts toward improving and prospering our community, while preserving its beauty and historical significance? 

   I am running for Village trustee not as a political figure, but as a father of four, and a long-time resident, who wants to build a better future for his children. 

As a builder of homes and businesses, who wants to contribute to a thriving community, but most importantly, I am running as a dedicated citizen who wants to see fairness, transparency, and accountability govern over the Village of Warwick. I want nothing more than to take my experience and my love for this community and apply it to the role of a Village trustee. 

   I am running on the GROW Platform – Growth Respectful of Warwick that focuses on preservation of our beautiful community. As of the day of this printing, only GROW candidates Alfonoso Gonnella and Stephen Kitar pledged to forego the millions of dollars in lifetime benefits (that would be borne by taxpayers and their children), and alleviate the immense financial burden this places on our community. We encourage our fellow candidates to do the same and be the necessary change the Village of Warwick needs. 

While other candidates prefer to use social media for direct attack on opposition, I believe our efforts will be better spent on improving our community and building a safe and sustainable future for our kids.


letter to the editor

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