Greenwood Lake School District Prepares for Second Quarter

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By Janmarie Foschini


  The Greenwood Lake Board of Education held their monthly School Board meeting on Mon., Oct. 19 via Zoom. During the meeting, Superintendent Sarah Hadden gave a brief update as to how the District is operating schools during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Hadden stated that there had been a total of four COVID-19 cases to date in the District, which is equivalent of 0.6% of the population. She also said that daily deep cleaning is performed every evening, and some of the Merv13 air filters have been installed.  

  Families will have the opportunity to change their current instructional enrollment status for the second quarter from remote to in-person, or in-person to remote. The form must only be completed if families plan to change their current enrollment status. Families will also be given the chance to update their transportation needs based on their current enrollment.

Halloween Parade Cancelled

Interim Elementary School Principal David Wallick said that due to the current COVID-19 situation, the school will not be hosting its annual Halloween parade. However, the school has planned individual class celebrations for the students, and teachers will stream portions of the event for parents to view. Students are permitted to wear their costumes to school.

Middle School Update

   Halloween at the Middle School will also be different this year. Students are still permitted to dress up in a costume. A virtual voting contest will take place for the most festive costume. 

Middle School Principal Jeffrey Golubchick said that eighth grade students have begun to explore their high school options. Greenwood Lake students have the unique opportunity to choose between Chester Academy and Warwick Valley High School. 

PTSA Update

   The PTSA has been busy planning events for the upcoming school year. A virtual pumpkin carving contest will be held. One student from each school with the best carved pumpkin will be chosen. A Holiday Shop event is being planned for November and a virtual cupcake war event will be held in December.

Appreciation Week

   School Board President Susan Selser recognized the District’s Food Service, Transportation Department, and Bus Drivers stating that it was Food Service and Transportation Appreciation Week. The Custodial Staff was also recognized for all the hard work they have been doing in keeping the schools clean.

Next Board Meeting 

   The next Board meeting will take place on Mon., Nov. 16 at 7 p.m. As of press time, the location of the meeting has not been determined. 

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