G.L. Library Story Time Gets A Local Twist

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Story Time with Ms. Kristin  Rohlfs has a special local flair as she reads the stories from various Greenwood Lake and Warwick venues. For instance, Ms. Kristin read Fireman Small on location from a fire truck at the Greenwood Lake Fire Department, Apple Farmer Annie at Masker  Orchards, and Magic Train Ride at Railroad Green in Warwick. Swirl by Swirl was recorded at the Greenwood Lake Garden Center.  

Not only do these changing backgrounds make the stories more memorable, it is a means to build community engagement during these challenging times. All the venues have welcomed Ms. Kristin’s use of their facilities as a backdrop.  

Patrons and the general public can access Story Time videos for streaming at the Greenwood Lake Public Library website by visiting www.gwllibrary.org. The Greenwood Lake Library is currently open to the public every day during specified hours and occupancy is limited.  For more information visit the Library’s website or call 477-8377.  

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Children enjoy the Greenwood Lake Public Library’s Story Time with Kristin  Rohlfs. 



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