Greenwood Lake School District Pauses In-person Learning

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By Janmarie Foschini


  During the Greenwood Lake School Board meeting on Mon., Dec. 14, Superintendent Sarah Hadden announced that effective Mon., Dec. 21, the Middle and Elementary schools will be learning remotely. The School District will also pause in-person learning for one week after the winter break and continue with their remote learning schedule. 

The District plans to reopen their doors on Mon., Jan. 11. Superintendent Hadden and the School Board feel that to ensure the happiest and healthiest of seasons for all, it was in the best interest to pause in-person learning. The District has kept their doors open five days a week since the beginning of the school year with little exception.  

Planning Underway for Elementary School Cafeteria

  In other news, the Board stated that plans are underway for the Elementary School Cafeteria project. These plans include making the area more student friendly, possibility of round tables, and updated decor.  The project will bring the kitchen up-to-date by redesigning the functionality of the layout. This includes serving space which is currently not appropriate for small children as well as adding a bathroom to the area.

Principal Updates

  Elementary School Principal Dianne Connolly stated that teachers and staff recently participated in “Staff Development.” The event was very production and a success. Principal Connolly would like to thank all of her staff for their hard work and dedication to their students. 

  Middle School Principal Jeffrey Golubchick said that the Middle School main office welcomes Karry Rosenblum to the team. Karry recently joined the District and will work in the main office. Principal Golubchick thanked Kristin Scotto for stepping in for the last year-and-a-half in main office.  

Virtual Clubs & Gingerbread House Contest

  Lina Polchinski, Director of Curriculum and Instruction, said that the District began its first set of virtual clubs this week. The District will hold clubs in the form of google meets. Clubs include a variety of choices for all students such as the LEGO club, book club, student government, and an art club. Administration will have a  discussion in January about adding additional clubs.  

The PTSA will be hosting a virtual gingerbread house contest, and one winner for each school will be chosen.  A poll will be held on Facebook, and winners will be announced.

Next Meeting

   The next School Board meeting will be held via Zoom on Mon., Jan. 11 at 7 p.m. 

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