Mayor Dwyer: Village Hall Closing to the Public

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As we see COVID-19 numbers rise drastically in the county and around the region, we have made the decision to once again close Village Hall to the public beginning Wed., Dec. 2. Throughout the year, we have maintained lockboxes in our police dispatch office (next door to Village Hall) where residents and contractors can safely drop off materials or documents for matters relating to Village Hall, the building department and court. 

These lockboxes will again serve as the primary method of dropping off materials or documents to Village Hall or our Building Office. The Court will remain open until the Office of Court Administration allows it to be closed. 

The Village Board will go back to streaming Village Board meetings on Zoom where the public can watch our meetings from the comfort of their homes. Participation will also be available for those in “attendance.” A link to join the zoom meetings will be posted before every Village Board meeting on our website at

Below is a list of important numbers for your convenience:

Village Hall: 477-9215

Police: 477-9211 

Building Department: 477-9217

Court: 477-9218

Mayor Dwyer: cell – 845-283-7993


OC Health Hotline: 291-2330

COVID-19 Hotline: 888-364-3065

Anthony Wayne Testing: 888-364-3065

Business Concerns: 360-0231

Senior Food Hotline: 615-3700

Consumer Affairs: 360-6700








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