Mayor Harter: Happy New Year to all!

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2021 will be a new outlook for the new year. 

As a reminder there will be no parking on the Village streets from November to April, from 12 a.m. to 7 a.m. 

With regards to Christmas trees, please place them out by the road and the DPW will pick them up sporadically, there is no set date or time they will pick them up. 

After a snowstorm, please remember to clean off the sidewalks in front of your home no more than 24 hours after the storm – please do not push the excess snow into the Village streets. 

Lastly, the DPW will start sewer cleanings next month, so just be aware of them working near your homes. 

In closing let’s all stay positive and be kind to eachother, and have a great year ahead.


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