Mayor Dwyer: Village and Region Mourns Loss of Steve DeFeo

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The Village of Greenwood Lake mourns the loss of one of our greatest public servants, Steve DeFeo. Not only did Steve serve 22 years as a very active member of our local fire department as Commissioner, President and Captain, he also served for many years as a Commissioner of our Bi-State Lake Commission including several years as the NY Chairman. In this position, Steve was a constant advocate and fierce fighter always striving to protect our lake and watershed. For those who knew him Steve was a gentleman who was always polite and hard working. Those who knew him well knew he would give the shirt off his back to help others no matter the time of day or time of year. Steve will be remembered for his charity, kindness, commitment to our community and love of helping others. 

The flags in Greenwood Lake will remain half-staff this week in honor of Steve DeFeo. 

Covid-19 Continues to Impact Area

The unfortunate reality is that Covid-19 cases have picked up significantly in our area over the past few weeks. In Greenwood Lake, there have been several confirmed cases reported. Please do your part and limit possibilities to spread the virus. The Greenwood Lake Senior Center remains closed until further notice by order of the Orange County Department of Health. 










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